Care Providers

Care providers are the backbone of a mental wellness initiative. These professionals have the knowledge and skills to help build the best programs for mental care and provide support for those struggling.

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Care Providers in the Coalition

What role they play:

Care providers hold the answers to some of the most difficult questions surrounding mental health. Within the coalition, they ensure the programs and processes are the best available and will make the most positive impact on our community members.

Why they are integral to the Coalition’s success:

Every member of the coalition brings resources and knowledge, but care providers have a depth of knowledge few others do. They are integral to ensuring our community members are getting the best care at every point.

The impact they’ve had:

One of the most powerful things about this initiative is that people are now open, or more open about what they feel about mental illness. So they are willing to ask questions and open up to support whether that be from a health care provider or trusted adult.

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“I would recommend all city leaders be humble and understand that maybe you don’t have all the answers, so find someone who spent their career in the mental health field and can help you find the answers.”

 We Can All Do More When We Work Together

Your Specialized Toolkit

Access the resources and plans we used when implementing the Fishers Mental Wellness Initiative. We hope these can serve as a starting place for you and your own coalition.

Included in your toolkit:

  • Parent’s Guide to Getting Good Care

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Quick Tips

From Care Professionals

Start With Small Wins

Find a few leaders then build and build and build. One of the things we found that did help attract people to the initiative, was that if you create some small opportunities for wins early in the process people want to be associated with it.

Meet People Where They Are

It was one of the biggest lessons we learned, it was important to meet people where they are and understand what they care about and when they were ready to join the coalition, let them.

Share What You Learn

The more we learn in our own community, the more we can share with other communities. When starting your own coalition, think about how you can share what you learned to help build not only a mentally healthy city, but mentally healthy world.

Schedule a talk with a Care Provider

Start Your Own Coalition

Share your results and build the community

We’re on a mission to create a model and show that it can be done, and it will be done. We’ve worked hard to create a model other communities can use and we hope to learn from other communities as well.
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